Is WonderWash Mini Washing Machine Worth Buying?

Are you looking for a way to do laundry without the need for a full size machine or worse, having to schlep to the laundry mat? Then the WonderWash Mini Washing Machine is a great alternative for those who live in apartments, dorms, avid campers, or anyone else looking for a simple alternative to traditional washing machines.

The WonderWash Mini Washing Machine uses no electricity and can wash a five pound load of laundry in much less time than a traditional washing machine. You simply load in your laundry, add soap and water and begin. With a simple hand crank you can easily and efficiently wash a small load of clothes in minutes by forcing the laundry detergent into the fabric to get them clean quickly. Once your clothing is clean simply drain, fill with rinse water and repeat the process.

Full size washing machines are nice but for many, they are not always an option. So if you need an alternative because you live in a small dwelling or simply want something more compact and economical, then the WonderWash is a great choice.

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