small portable washing machine

Wonderwash Small Portable Washing Machine

Small portable washing machine

The Wonderwash is a personal, portable, and self-contained mini washing machine that can be used anywhere.  This is an ideal addition to your dorm room, RV, or survival pod. This small portable washing machine fits into most kitchen cupboards, so it can be kept hidden, even in the smallest micro apartments.

Here is how it works

According to the manufacturer when you use heated water, (warm or hot), the air inside the drum will actually expand. As this air expands it creates pressure inside the drum, and that pressure pushes the laundry detergent through the fabric. They go on to tell us that this allows the Wonderwash to clean clothes as well as, maybe better, than a conventional washing machine.

Must have for RV

Perfect for washing your delicate items, that you don’t want to destroy, by washing them in a standard mechanical washing machine. The Wonderwash small, portable washing machine is Ideal for doing a handful of tee shirts, or undergarments without having to leave your dorm room, and it is a must have for the serious camper or RV enthusiast.

Clean skivvies

The Wonderwash is a people powered, drum style, personal size washing machine designed for washing small loads of clothes where electricity, and plumbing is either non-existent, or access is inconvenient. You can order a Wonderwash today, and be sporting clean skivvies tomorrow.

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