Wristwatch-Shaped Post-It Notes

Caution: Inks are dangerous to humans.   Yes, that black, blue or red color available on your pens.  If with direct contact on the skin, that part of the body is in alert mode.  So, when in a hurry it is a no no to write reminders on the palm of your hands or even on your arms.   However, there is a better alternative to this note reminding bad habit of yours.  You just simply need to have this sticky note wrist watch with you always.  Having this around simply solves your short term memory woes and keeps you to accomplish the task needed for the day.  It’s just simple, just write a note to yourself, and then wear it on your wrist as a watch.  Rest assured that you will always be reminded of what to do and then the “ooops I forgot it line” will totally be out of the picture.

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