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Xylitol is good for your teeth

While searching for things that are easy to purchase and affordable to use for oral health, I found Xylitol. I knew about it for many years, as a sweetener, but had forgotten that it is actually good to help combat bacteria in your mouth.

It appears that Xylitol is GOOD for your teeth! Of all of the brands I tried, I settled on the Health Garden Birch Xylitol brand, as it is reasonably priced and does not give me any gastric disturbances.

This Xylitol is grainy, so I open the bag, dump it into my blender, and grind it a very fine powder. I keep it in a container in the bathroom, and when I am ready to use it, I just dump some of it into my palm, wet my toothbrush, and brush my teeth with it.

When I used to add Xylitol to my coffee or tea, it always make me spend a lot of my day in the restroom. Then, I discovered it is only the brands that come from corn, that give me trouble. I switched to Xylitol from birch sources, and no longer have that problem.

Using Xylitol appears to have made a tremendous difference in the health of my entire mouth. Even my tongue is clear, which I noticed started to happen as soon as I ate a lot of raw cashews for the sake of my teeth. Even though my tongue started to look “normal”, it did not really get to the healthy state it is in now, until I started to brush my teeth with Xylitol.

There exist a myriad of articles and scientific studies to back up the theory that Xylitol is good for your teeth. It doesn’t take much research to find studies from universities and scientific journals, that all state Xylitol is definitely beneficial to a healthy mouth.

Meanwhile, I am brushing my teeth with it, and noticing a tremendous difference. I usually order the 1 pound size, as it lasts me a long time.

Here’s to your teeth!

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