yimbly best selling tumbling composter

Yimbly Recycled Tumbling Composter

Eco-friendly composting

Composting is an easy and eco-friendly way to feed your garden with natural nutrients. What a great feeling to know that you’re eating veggies that “you” grew using a chemical free composted mulch, that came from “your” own kitchen scraps. Tumbling composters have become so popular because they tend to be speed up the composting process by allowing for faster oxidation.

Self-contained dual chamber tumbler

The Yimbly tumbling composter has many features that make it ideal for home use. Your neighborhood association may not allow you to keep a mulch and compost pile brewing behind your garage, but the self-contained tumbler is no more unsightly than a barbecue grill, and goes unnoticed by most. Maybe you can star a movement in your cul-de-sac.

Best selling tumbling composter

The Yimbly is a top seller made from recycled plastic, and it holds over 35 gallons. Features include large openings dual chamber openings, adjustable air vents, and a heavy duty tumbler stand. You can produce your own organic mulch in as little as two weeks with this best-selling tumbling composter.

Ships to your front door

Order the Yimbly Tumbling Composter online today and you can have it shipped right to your front door tomorrow. You’ll be standing in your own mulch before you know it.

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