yodeling pickle ornament

Yodeling Pickle Christmas Ornament

What’s more fun than a Christmas tree ornament shaped like a pickle? A Yodeling Pickle Christmas Tree Ornament! This hilariously funny gag gift has the potential for a variety of uses. With its 3-foot range motion detector activated yodel, you can decide just where to place it for the desired result.

Got a cat that loves to bat the baubles around? Imagine how quickly this yodeling pickle would cure them of that habit (don’t be cruel though, please). Want a heads up when someones’s about to ring your doorbell? Place this novelty out on the porch for a unique advanced warning system! Got a problem with midnight munchers? I’m wondering if this might even work if placed inside the refrigerator (worth a try, right?). I’ll bet you could come up with a heap of your own funny uses too, so grab yours today and get your yodel on!

Two more great things about this pickle – first, the batteries are actually included (how often do you see that?). Secondly, and possibly most important – there is an on/off switch (phew!).

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