Men's Foaming Bath Salts

Zen for Men – Foaming Bath Salts

Foaming bath salts are equivalent to Zen garden – rejuvenating and relaxing. If you have used Zen meditation, you will understand what I mean. Bathing can be fun, it can be soothing providing you the private space and connecting to the body. We need to remind ourselves that bathing is a necessary part of cleansing body and it can be a fun filled activity. Even small babies love to take a bath, you can see them happily splashing water around.

We often become so engrossed with daily chores that we do not give time for our body to recuperate from the 24 hours gross overwork and strain.


  • The ingredients are sea salts from Pacific Ocean of fine and medium grains consistency
  • The colour is serene blue of the ocean
  • You will love the light musk fragrance
  • It is recommended for use in spas and Jacuzzis
  • It is paraben and phthalate free
  • Great stress reliever and refresher
  • Mixing it with your favourite bath gel can result in a smooth body scrub

The benefits of bath salts and the bath therapy are well known. The mineral salts found in the ocean serve essential functions required for the body to carry on its regular work. To efficiently work, our body requires minute quantities of minerals of whose deficiency can become fatal. While taking bath, the salts get absorbed through the pores in the body, they also take part as catalysts in flushing toxins from body. They form an important part in detoxing body.

Use the sea salts for bath, shower, pedicure and manicures. Bath salts exfoliate the skin, remove the dead cells thus leaving the body hydrated and soft. They are great in helping recover the skin from minor cuts, burns, wounds and insect bites. Along with herbs they can be very potent.

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