Zombie Stick Family

Zombie Family Car Decal

“We ate your stick family!”  Isn’t this zombie family car decal a hoot?

I remember thinking that the original stick figure family decals were kind of cute  — you could proudly show what your family make-up was by applying Mom and Dad stickers, brother, sister, and baby stickers, and even a dog sticker, on the back of your vehicle. But after seeing so many stick families on the back of wholesome family SUVs and minivans, I started to think they looked very boring.

Enter the zombie stick family decal!   This gruesomely happy family includes zombie dad and mom (I think, but it’s hard to tell), a couple of ghastly-looking kids, and even a dog poking around at a skull.

Shock the neighbors and make a statement on your own vehicle with this funny zombie family car decal.  You know you want to!

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