The 8 Panel Baby Kids PlayPen

Here is a another “playpen” for your little ones – larger than the “Friendly Toys Little Playzone for Toddlers” that we spoke about earlier.  It is a wonderful way to keep your infant or toddler safely confined to an area of their own. The 8 Panel Baby Kids PlayPen – actually called a play center, is easy to assemble, and easy to break apart to take it with you when you leave home.

Think of it – how handy would this be, for a trip to the park, the local swimming pool, the grandparents home, or anywhere that you have room to set it up!

Every once in a while, parents need to know that their youngsters are safely confined. One cannot hold them every moment of the day, nor should you. Children, like adults, need to have a place they feel is “theirs”. They also need to be in an area that does not have any sharp corners, is easy to clean, and in something that will not easily collapse. This play center fills the bill.

When it is set up, it measures 73 inches in diameter, or it can be set up in a rectangular shape. It has safety locks on the doors, which are fully hinged. It is said to be for children that are 4 years old or older, but I would use it for infants and toddlers, too.

The children will enjoy the various toys that are built-in to one of the plastic panels, too, as there is a dial telephone, a mirror, spinning balls, and a sliding toy. This is one HANDY play center!

Oh! Before we forget – you can also remove a few of the panels to make it into a smaller enclosure!

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