Back to the Future Hoverboard Replica

When I think of hoverboards the first images that flash across my mind include Marty Mcfly trying to get away from bullies disguised as his son Marty Mcfly Junior from the second Back to the Future movie.

More recently there was a spoof YouTube video you may have heard about featuring Tony Hawks himself advertising a ‘real’ hoverboard from the movie, not surprisingly some people actually believe it was real.

While that wasn’t the case the closest we can get to the real thing is a replica. Whether you want it as a collector’s item or to complete your Marty Mcfly costume for Halloween here is a life-sized 1:1 replica with stand, sadly it doesn’t fly and as we know doesn’t work on water.

It’s an official Mattel item so you know you’re getting quality coming in at 28″ and comes with sound effects from the trilogy.

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