Christmas Wreath and Swag Set

Christmas Wreath and Swag Set with Red Magnolias and Gold Ribbons

An intricately designed Christmas wreath and swag set embellished beautifully with bright and crimson red magnolias look awesome on Christmas night. In addition, the golden ribbons add to the glow and glitter.

The ability to survive the frosty winter months, an evergreen tree like pine, fir and spruce is traditionally used for making Christmas wreaths.

The symbol circle has a special meaning in the religious connotation. Since a circle can begin from any point on the periphery and similarly end on any point, it stands for undying and everlasting love of the Almighty. The geometrical form of a circular wreath represents a bond of family, the ties of whose are impeccable like circle with no breaks in between. It is also a traditional symbol to show endurance for tolerating long days of snow and winter.

Key Features :

  • The pine wreath measures 24 inches in diameter and adorned with lovely magnolias
  • The product can be used either as a centerpiece or hung on the door
  • The gold and red ornaments glisten brightly on the background of glittering green foliage
  • Beautifully hand crafted ribbons in an elegant bow highlighting the layers

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