Braided Coffee Kitchen Rug

Coffee Kitchen Rugs are a fabulous way to add a themed element to your sink, cooking or kitchen doorway. Coffee is a great theme for kitchens, as the beverage alone is a warm way to socialize with family and friends.

Too, kitchen rugs add warmth to hard floors with their texture and design. Rugs are literally artwork for your floor! I’ve even seen unconventional uses for rugs, where they’re hung on the wall as though the rug was a painting.

Who knew?

I chose this 20″x 30″ braided coffee kitchen rug for its warm and spicy hues of rich reds, brown and tan. The ultralow price is a real plus-plus for me from under $15 (I’ll take it!). The rug’s oval shape makes it an ideal pick for in front of the sink or  stove with it thick, braided design. What’s (more) special  about this kitchen rug, is its value for taking the stress of all that standing we do in the kitchen.

An added perk (no pun intended but if you must. . .) is the coffee, latte and espresso design has high marks for staying true to color and image detail and depth after using it for some time.

For its low price, quality and promise at adding a rich, warm element to your coffee kitchen theme, I give this kitchen rug five stars!

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