Deluxe Pet Habitat X-Large Guinea Pig Cage

Surprise! We are the proud owners of five guinea pigs. It didn’t start out that way, though. We had 2 males, but lost one of them a few months after we got him. It was heart-breaking to lose him, and our lone male that was left was lonesome, so we found an adorable little female to keep him company.

They didn’t hit it off right away, as the female spurned our male, who would run over to my husband, climb partway up him, and look searchingly into his eyes – for help! Finally, the female decided that our beautiful black male was an acceptable mate, and presented us with 3 male babies early one Christmas morning.

I expected we would probably sell them to the local pet store, as we know the owner, and knew she would make sure they went to good homes. Aired that thought aloud, I received the “Look of Death” from my husband. So….years later, we have five guinea pigs!

We needed a large, durable, easy to clean cage for the three little boys to live in, after they were weaned from their mother. I looked at lots of guinea pig cages, but could find nothing suitable, until I stumbled upon this Living World Deluxe Pet Habitat X-Large Guinea Pig Cage. We brought it home, set it up, and have enjoyed it ever since.

Deciding that we didn’t want to lift something up every time we wanted to feed them, we removed the domed tops, and and use a bowl instead of the feeder that comes with it for our cavies – that’s another term for guinea pigs, you know.  We also purchased a larger water bottle than the one that is included, as our little guys drink a LOT of water!

The cage is still in excellent shape, and we have owned it for almost 3 years. Great cage, and it will work for one rabbit, too!

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