Doc Brown Sunglasses

I’m really not a fan of sci-fi movies but the Back to the Future trilogy was definitely the exception to the rule and it included time travel three times over so what’s not to like. Doc Brown is a key character in the trilogy alongside Marty Mcfly, as a mad scientist he is often inventing new things including a DeLorean that could go back to the future.

In the second movie we see Marty and Doc go to the year 2015, which happens to be this year (time of writing). Now the fashion may not have matched what we wear but a lot of the predictions have come true such as handless gaming (Xbox Kinect) sadly no hoverboards.

To dress as Doc you’ll want his sunglasses from the year 2015, they come with a ‘wrap around’ futuristic design that will make you feel like part of the Star Trek crew. Choose between several different colors including red, blue and black.

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