Turn your car into a travel bug for geocaching. This magnetic vehicle travel bug allows your car to become a travel bug that can be discovered whenever another geocacher crosses your path.

Geocaching Vehicle Travel Bug

Love geocaching?  Did you know that you can turn your car into a travel bug? How fun is that!? All  you have to do is stick this magnetic Geocaching Vehicle Travel Bug to the back of your car and any time another geocacher crosses paths with your vehicle, they can log it as a travel bug find.

These travel bugs are made of professional grade magnetic material so they will stand up to the elements.  Because they are magnetic, they are easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle if you have more than one car.  You can even use them on bicycles, motorcycles, or RV’s.

Each vehicle travel bug features a unique code that is trackable on geocaching.com. Just think of how much fun it will be each time you get a notice that your travel bug has been found! It will keep you guessing as to where your car was when it was discovered.

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