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Glencairn Whiskey Tasting Glasses For Professional Nosing

The nose of a whiskey is most important

The nose of a whiskey is far more important than its actual taste. In fact you may not be aware that a whiskey tasting is known as a nosing, and a whiskey tasting room is likewise known as a nosing room.   Charles MacClean a professional taster says that all you need to know about a whiskey can be found with your nose. MacClean in an article for Whiskeymag.com goes on to say that he even knows of other professionals that do not particularly care for the taste of whiskey, and using their olfactory senses make their evaluations, and their livings without ever actually tasting the whiskey.

Glencairn whiskey glasses

The Glencairn whiskey glass is ideally shaped to concentrate the aroma of your whiskey at the mouth of the glass while helping to keep other airborne smells out of the equation. The Glencairn glass is made of smooth crystal so that you can see the color without any distortion that cut crystal can cause.  Fashioned to hold 35-50ml of liquid the Glencairn whiskey glass was designed in the tradition of master whiskey blenders.

For the whiskey lover in your family

If you are ready to take your appreciation for whiskey to the next level, it’s time you get your very own set of whiskey tasting, or whiskey nosing glasses. These will also make a wonderful gift for the novice or, expert whiskey lover in your family, who will no doubt appreciate drinking as well as nosing their favorite Bourbon or blend in an authentic Glencairn whiskey tasting glass.

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