Colorful Gummy Bear Duck Brand Duct tape

Gummy Bears Duck Brand Duct Tape

Have you seen the new Gummy Bears Duck Brand Duct Tape?

How many things in YOUR home or business have you repaired with duct tape? I know that I should have bought stock in the company responsible for its invention. We have used it on books, cabinets, drawers, automobiles, bookcases, computers, clothing, toys – well, this list could go on forever!

Once, my children and I moved into a home that looked like it was in excellent shape. Little did we know, most of it was held together by duct tape – I kid you not!

Behind the oven, and old pipe was duct-taped over, which did nothing to deter the insects. The jalousie windows were almost invisibly duct-taped, the doormat was held down with duct-tape, some of the interior was merely standing, due to the amount of duct tape that had been lavished upon it. What a mess!

Until recently, the only duct tape available, was the original silver-gray, extremely sticky variety. NOW, we can get peacock feather duct tape, or prism colored duct tape, or Despicable Me duct tape, or this one – Gummy Bears Duck Brand Duct Tape. Who would have thought such a thing was available?

All I know, is that things are a whole lot different than they used to be. Children will love the Gummy Bears duct tape – the truth is, I love it myself, and I never eat Gummy Bears, either!

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