High Toilet Seat

Toilets can be so low to the floor that if you’ve the slightest amount of pain, that toilet you knew just yesterday becomes Mount Everest-high. Here’s where having a high toilet seat becomes your saving grace.

I graduated to a higher toilet (formally called ‘comfort height’) after my hip replacement but to my dismay, the extra height didn’t get it. What’s a self-respecting, independent person to do?

I can attest to the problem with toilets, hip and knees pain and the woes of surgeries, complements to arthritis. I’m very short and even for me, a standard and comfort-height toilets are a challenge; so I feel your pain if you’re an inch over five feet tall. Toilets can be a real nightmare having to ask for help in the bathroom [enter your own scary visual, here].

Not good. 

I invested in a plastic, extra high toilet seat and I had one question of concern: What took me so long?

I bought this high toilet seat (I’m featuring here in the image link). The seat was an easy answer to embarrassing, toilet drama. While you can (and should for your safety, especially for seniors ) use the handy adhesive strips on the bottom of the toilet seat but I opted out because I share a bathroom with the family.

This extra high, raised toilet seat is too simple: peel off the sticky strip backing and place the lightweight seat on the toilet; no tools needed!

I chose this seat for the following reasons:

  • lightweight plastic
  • easy to apply; just peel and stick
  • cheap . . . er, budget-friendly
  • scoop front (a must-have for hygiene)
  • extra high for added comfort on joints
  • delivered to my door
  • fits round and elongated toilets
  • easy to clean; no bending over
  • instant answer to a painful problem!
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