Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

I had to laugh when I saw this horse head squirrel feeder.  How could you not?

This squirrel has no idea how adorably cute and silly he looks.  It’s like a Halloween horse head mask for squirrels, but with the added benefit of some goodies for these little guys.

So how does it work?  You hang this vinyl horse head mask / feeder 8 to 10 inches above a branch or your deck, or wherever squirrels spend time in your yard.  Then you fill the snout with squirrel goodies, like peanuts (shelled or unshelled — the squirrels love them all), sunflower seeds, or corn.  The manufacturer suggests that you put some peanut butter around the opening so the seeds don’t fall out.  The squirrels will eat the peanut butter as well.  Then you sit back and enjoy the wonderfully absurd scene of a happy squirrel “wearing” a horse head.  Have your camera ready!

There is also a big squirrel head feeder as well, but I prefer the horse head version!

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