My Husband Loves His Waring Pro Meat Grinder

Do you like to make your own sausage at home? Have you ever done that? How about grinding your own hamburger meat? That way, you will know exactly what is in your burgers.

My husband used to have a good, sturdy meat grinder, but over the years, it “walked”. When he told me one time that he’d like to have another one, I tucked it into the recesses of my mind, on my “to-do” list.

As I typically do, I started reading about different meat grinders that were available, paying particular attention to customer reviews. I wanted to make sure it was sturdy, efficient, easy to operate, and easy to clean.

I read about electric meat grinders many places, and found that the overwhelming consensus of the public, was that the Waring Pro Meat Grinder – with a stainless steel housing, was the winner!

The Waring Meat Grinder features an ample hopper, can be run in reverse, and comes with 3 different cutting disks. The motor comes with a five-year guarantee, which is a lengthy one by todays standards. It is also a sausage maker, and has in-depth instructions for making sausage.

Needless to say, I removed the idea to purchase one for him, from the recesses of my mind, and put my idea into action. I have to tell you, my husband was delighted! He has used it many, many times, and always comments on how easy it is to clean up, and how FAST it grinds the meat.

I thought I would share this with you, because it was an excellent purchase and we could not be happier that we got it.

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