Red Horse Hopper, Pump Included

We bought a Red Horse Hopper for Cicak Junior’s 2nd birthday. He walked at 9 months old, and by the age of two he was a proficient jumper, and loved to bounce around the house.

Whilst shopping for birthday gifts I happened to stumble across this amazing red horse, and I could instantly see that it would make the perfect present.

On his birthday this was the first gift that he opened. Admittedly, we had already inflated it (there is a pump included), so its shape, not very well camouflaged under a layer of wrapping paper, was very intriguing.

It was an instant hit!

Junior climbed aboard, using the stumpy tail to hold on to, and proceeded to bounce up and down, whilst at the same time laughing uncontrollably!!

My toddler does not have overly long legs for his age, but he was still able to climb aboard the horse. Getting off was a little more problematic…usually involving him tipping himself and the horse over sideways.

Now, at two and a half, mounting and unmounting the horse provide no problems at all, and he has progressed from bouncing in one place to bouncing around the garden.

I would fully recommend this horse as a safe way for your toddler to exercise their leg muscles.

I can honestly say that was money well spent. At the same time that I bought this I also bought a toddler sized space hopper, but it proved to be much too difficult for Cicak Junior to sit on, so the horse wins the popularity vote every time, and the hopper is consigned to the garage until he is older.

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