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What is Whyrll?

Have you ever clicked on a photo or a picture of an interesting product? You know, those quirky, funny, offbeat, “I’ve got to have that!” or “I know someone who would love this!” kinda products? If you are even remotely active on social media networks, I’m sure you are as guilty as all of us are. These are the products that people love to share. These are the products with hundreds if not thousands of Likes, Shares, Re-Tweets and Pins. These are the products that we would love to share on Whyrll.

If you have ever seen a product and couldn’t wait to click on the Share button, we would love for you to post it here on Whyrll as well. Our target visitors are not those who have a specific product in mind to buy. We want to elicit that OMG! feeling with most if not every product that the visitor sees on Whyrll. We want them to share the products with their friends and family.

Be An Affiliate Marketer

If you know or have come across a product that fits the description above (don’t we all?), we would love you to share it with everyone on Whyrll and at the same time, earn some money for your efforts. What? Earn money for doing something that you have been doing for your entire social network life?

Yes, you can earn money by sharing what you love by being an affiliate marketer.

What is an affiliate marketer? An affiliate marketer is someone who generates sales for a third party and earns a commission for doing so.

Why be an affiliate marketer? An affiliate marketer can earn money selling products without having to bother with stocking inventory, receiving payment, shipping products or handling customer service. Your job is to recommend a product to interested parties through a website. Of course there is a lot of work involved in getting people to discover your article, read about it and then make the decision to buy the product. Whyrll is here to help you with the first part and the rest of it is entirely up to you.

There are many companies out there who are interested in enlisting the help of affiliate marketers to assist in marketing their products. Huge companies like Amazon run their own affiliate programs while smaller companies make use of the services of affiliate marketing companies like When you become a member of an affiliate program, you will be able to create links that identify you as the marketer. Anyone that makes a purchase by clicking through one of your links earns you a commission, usually a percentage of the total sales value.

Okay, there is a little more work than just clicking on the Share button but there are many people who earn a substantial amount of pocket money or even earn a comfortable living doing just this. If you think that affiliate marketing is your calling then read on.

Why Join Whyrll?

Whyrll is designed for affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. We made it easy for anyone who has a product to share to create a product page. Pick an interesting product photo, a video or even create a whole picture gallery. Write a story in 100 words or more. Don’t forget your affiliate link. It couldn’t be any simpler. Best of all, there is no charge for setting up an account or for posting a product on Whyrll.

How well your product posts do and how much you earn is entirely up to you. Whyrll provides all the tools that you need but the rest is up to you. The product that you choose and the photo that you pick can make all the difference between just another boring product and an internet sensation.

For a more detailed guide on the posting process, you can refer to our detailed Creating New Posts guide.

If you think you are ready to join the Whyrll family, just fill up our Whyrll Registration Form and you will be assigned a contributor account.

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