Kitchen Safe Time Locking Container

Kitchen Safe Time Locking Container

The Kitchen Safe Time Locking Container is a perfect device for helping you with your self control and will power.  If you are trying to cut back on snacking,  smoking, or electronics you can simple put the item into the container to keep you from being able to get to them.  You spin the dial on the top of the container to set the time, from 1 minute up to 10 days.  Then push the button to lock it for the set amount of time.  There are no overrides for it.  So even if your will power gives out, the container will not let you get what you want.

This is a great way to help yourself towards quitting smoking.  If you regularly smoke once an hour simply put your cigarettes inside the kitchen safe time locking container and set it for 2 hours.  Now you won’t be able to smoke again until the 2 hours is up.  Slowly everyday increase the amount of time they are locked in the container.  At the very least you will have cut back on the amount you smoke, which is better for your health and it will save you money.

Having trouble with the kids not putting down their electronic devices?  Is it even starting to interfere with their sleep?  If you just take it away from them, once you fall asleep they can go and get it back.  If you put their cell phone or video game controller into the kitchen safe time locking container and set it to open up for when they wake up in the morning, they won’t be able to get to it until then.

Another great use for this product is to build anticipation for a gift.  You can wrap a gift put it inside the container and set the lock to open on their birthday.  That way you can leave a wrapped gift out in the open and let them watch the timer counting down to when they can open it.

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