Large Set of 3 Wise Men on Camels

Large Set of 3 Wise Men on Camels

This beautiful set of 3 wise men is artistic and worthy of treasuring as Collectibles.

The 3 wise men also called “Magi” had heard about the prophecy of the Holy Birth. They came from the Far East. They were perhaps kings, but it is more likely that they were learned scholars who were also knowledgeable astrologers, they followed the star and came to the place where Joseph was accompanying Mary to find a safe place for the birth of Christ.

They searched for a convenient place but could not find one. Since there was no place in the inn, they had to take shelter in the stable which the shepherds readily gave for the Lord’s arrival.

The appearance of star was the sign of Christ’s birth. When Herod the king heard of this prophecy he assembled all his chiefs and priests and enquired about Jesus. He even ordered the slaying of all infants less than 2 years in Bethlehem.

Key Features:

  • The set contains large 17 inches tall 3 Wise Men on camels
  • Intricately crafted sculptures with fine details
  • Detailed and accented Nativity scene
  • The Wise Men measure 16.5″ X 14″, 16.5″ X 13″and 16″ X 11″ tall
  • The sculptures are made of cast resin
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