The Levels of Whyrll Membership

Much like forum accounts, we created levels of membership in Whyrll. Members in different levels have different capabilities. Basically, the more we trust you, the easier it is to create a Whirl (what Whyrll calls a post) on this site. Lets look at this shall we?


New members join as contributors. These members can create a Whirl, upload a Featured Image to go along with it and submit the post for approval. They cannot publish posts on their own – administrators must look at their submissions first and then approve them. Contributors can edit their published posts, but the changes will still go into the approval queue before the changes can take effect.

Contributors can also delete their drafts and published Whirls. They can also update their profile, which appears underneath each post and on their author page.


After contributors published a few really good Whirls, we upgrade them to Author status. Authors gain the ability to publish their posts without getting scrutinized by the admins. They have all the perks of being a Contributor, too.

Basically, after we decide that you can be trusted to not cause any problems if we do not look closely at you, you will be upgraded. It is very subjective, really.


Hey! That is us! We approve the contributor’s Whirls and we upgrade contributors who we think deserve to become authors. Don’t bribe us with chocolates, it does not work.

We also add features to the site, as well as listen to what you need. We also crack the whip.

Coming soon: Editors

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