Maleficent Royal Coronation Doll

Maleficent Royal Coronation Doll

This Maleficent Royal Coronation doll is a wonderful gift idea for collectors, and for anyone who loved the character as played by Angelina  Jolie.     I can’t think of anyone else who could have played the part is convincingly as she did.

The doll bears a striking resemblance to Angelina.  She’s a real beauty with her flowing long dark hair.  The clothing she is wearing is  true to the character as seen in the movie.

Of course, this lovely Maleficent Royal Coronation doll isn’t meant to be played with like a regular doll.  She is meant to be  enjoyed mostly as a display.  Tweens and girls old enough to handle a collector doll would love her.  Many adults collect dolls too, so she’s not an item  just for children. Maleficent should be in high demand during the holiday season.

She comes in a very attractive box too, which makes it perfect for gift giving.  This classic doll will be enjoyed for years to come.

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