Minecraft Vinyl Wall Graphics

Minecraft Vinyl Wall Graphics – Steve Mining and Mineshaft

I love Minecraft! I don’t know why but I find the cycle of mining, crafting and building endlessly strangely addictive and therapeutic at the same time. I don’t usually play the survival mode where you have to fight monsters and zombies but I prefer the peaceful and creative modes which in some ways is like playing Lego with unlimited blocks.

If you love Minecraft or knows someone who loves it, the Minecraft Vinyl Wall Graphics makes a great gift. It is a set of two fairly large wall graphics roughly about 2 feet wide and 3 feet high. The first graphics is of the protagonist of Minecraft, Steve, in an underground mine doing what he does best, mining. The second is the scene of a mine shaft complete with a pig in a mine cart.

My favorite is the one with Steve mining and fans of the game can really relate to this as this is what you would be doing most of the time in the game. The 3D perspective is really well done and it gives a pretty good illusion of Steve mining into a hole in your wall. The wall graphics are removable and reusable.

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