Monkey Lectric Animated LED Bike Spoke Lights

Monkey Lectric animated led bike spoke lights 

There is no exclamation that can define how innovative this new idea in bike safety is. Monkey Lectric a funded company introduced the Monkey Light system. An electronic LED light array that fastens to the spokes of you bicycle wheels. You may have seen lights attached like this in the past that would give the illusion of circles of light around your bike tires, but this is different… Soooooo, different!

Forms animated light shows on your bike wheels

The brilliant people at Monkey Electric have designed and programmed a micro computer that attaches to the wheels of your bike, and uses the combination of the motion of your bike wheels, along with the perfectly timed firing of the LED bike spoke lights to form animated light shows that appear to play on your bicycle wheels.

Meet new people, ride your bike safely even at nght

Whether your looking for a cool new way to start conversations while your’e out riding, or you want this is a safety feature for you or your kids when riding at dusk, dawn, or after dark. The innovative bicycle safety light by Monkey Lectric will certainly turn some heads.

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