Nativity Set Three Kings

Nativity Set Three Kings 

This lovely Nativity Set of Three Kings are designed keeping in mind the details in the Christmas story, and bring the 3 Kings to life as never before.

The Magi as accounted in the Gospel has bringing gifts to the Christ, a start of a tradition of exchanging gifts within the family and friends. This rite is linked to the holiday gift giving on Xmas.

The Greek word used to symbolize the 3 wise men is “Magi”. They probably came from the locations of today’s Persia and Babylon kingdoms. These were the regions where the people from Israel were living in exile for about seven hundred years. The scriptures had the mentions of Son of God who would brave the hardships and fight for the salvation of people. This famous story from the Bible is told every Christmas and there are songs in praise of them, they serve as a reminder that wise men still adore Him.

Key Features:

  • This set includes Bethlehem Star in addition to the 3 wise men
  • Chests that contain original Christmas gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
  • The figures of 3 Kings Melchior, Balthasar and Caspar are adorned in vivid colours and their dress is designed with details.
  • This set stands apart from a simple Nativity set, as the Kings are seen gazing towards the brightest star in the sky on their journey to Bethlehem to visit Baby Jesus.
  • The Christmas star is placed on a beautiful gold and silver base and a rod dotted with flecks of stars analogous to the night sky.
  • Figurines measure from 10.125 inches to 12.5 inches tall
  • Star is 17.25 inches
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