Ninja – My Favorite Food Processor

I used a Magic Bullet food processor for years – many years. Not only did I have one where I used to live, I had one at our store, and I bought one when I met my husband, for our home. They did the job, until they started to fall apart, and we found that we could not easily get parts for them.

Since it had been many years since I bought the Magic Bullets, I thought I would see if there was a better, more durable alternative. After quite a bit of research, I purchased the Ninja Master Prep.

I could not be more pleased. Why do I call it the “Ninja – My Favorite Food Processor”? Well, because it is! I have owned a Cuisinart, and a Braun, and three Magic Bullet processors. For ease of use, and efficiency, the Ninja is my favorite!

With the purchase of the Ninja Master Prep, you get:

  • A 48-ounce pitcher
  • A smaller container for small jobs
  • A splash guard
  • Two lids
  • The powerful Ninja motor
  • Two interlocking blades

The first time I used it, I was amazed to see how finely it chops ice. It chops nuts in seconds – literally, and vegetables and fruit, too. I use it to make milkshake-like smoothies, and for anything I used to chop, grind, blend, or purée with the Magic Bullet or my other food processors.

Ninja offers several different models, and I cannot comment on them – because I only own one, but the quality is excellent, and the clean-up is a snap!

If you are in the market for another option for smoothies, making peanut butter, milkshakes, grinding nuts, chopping vegetables, or anything else you would do with a large food processor, please do take a look at the Ninja!

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