Painted Hands Calendar 2015

Are you familiar with the “Handimals” artwork by Guido Daniele?  The Painted Hands Calendar for 2015 features 12 colorful “handimals”, or painted “hand animals” created by this talented artist.

Daniele paints very realistic, elaborately detailed animals on hands placed in different positions.  Sometimes you have to look very closely at these painted hands to tell that they are not the real animal itself.

Daniele’s unique artwork graces the pages of this unusual calendar.  Take a look at the images here to see some of his delightful creations.

The cover of the calendar features a pink flamingo. If you take a quick look at it without knowing about Daniele’s painted hands, I bet you’d think it’s a photograph of a real flamingo.  It’s that realistic, isn’t it?  But if you look closely, you’ll see that the pink feathers of the neck are really painted on a forearm, and the curved beak is shaped from the position of the fingers.   And look at the realistic eye!   You can see “light” glinting off of it.

The other photographs in this calendar are equally amazing.  There’s a hand catching a “fish” jumping out of the water (really a hand holding another hand), a butterfly from four hands, a (rather skinny-looking) raccoon, an owl, and a few other creatively painted hand animals.

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