Playmobile Pirates Ship

Playmobil Pirates Ship

Ship, ahoy! Land, ho! Up the Jolly Roger! Fire the cannons! Full speed ahead! Make the mutineers walk the plank!

Now, I ask you, what child would not be delighted to have their own working pirate ship? Mine would have loved it, but they are all grown. The grandchildren will just have to be the ones who play with it.

The Playmobil Pirates Ship is designed to bring hours of fun to your youngsters. It has so many options. Not only does it have working cannons, but you can purchase a motor, so it can sail the seven seas in your bathtub or swimming pool. Watch out that the small parts don’t “jump ship”, though!

Here is what comes with this creative toy pirate ship set:

  • One beautifully designed plastic pirate ship
  • 3 poseable pirate figures to run the ship
  • 1 poseable pirate captain, of course
  • Full sails
  • Cannons that can shoot
  • A “gold” coin that can be used with the Playmobil Adventure Island set
  • A functional crane
  • Cargo
  • Treasure chest
  • Megaphone for the captain
  • Many other accessories

One great thing about the Playmobil Pirate Ship, that we mentioned earlier, is that you can opt to purchase a motor for it. It is called the Playmobil Underwater Motor, so your little pirates can “take to the sea”!

The pirate ship set is manufactured to bring years of pleasure to your children, or grandchildren, and is best suitable for children over 3, due to many small, “swallowable” parts!

I have to go, before the pirates find out I have been spying on them!

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