Princess Fantasy Castle for girls

Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle for Girls

Finally! A company has made a castle toy set for girls! Your little girls will have many hours, if not years, of fun playing with the Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle. It was designed with a feminine touch, which is quite unusual for castle toys.

The photos will tell the tale of what a great castle set this is, and why ANY little girl would love to have it. Designed by Playmobil, which is noted for its brightly colored, durable toys, this fantasy castle will be in your family for generations.

Some of the things included, are:

  • A revolving ballroom floor – you will need to provide the batteries
  • Large, pink and white castle
  • Grand staircase
  • Secret hiding place in the tower for the royal jewels
  • Life-size tiara for your little girl
  • Throne and 2 additional chairs
  • Chaise lounge
  • Shrubbery
  • Tea set
  • Goblets
  • Prince figure
  • Princess figure
  • Chandelier
  • Change of clothing for the Princess to attend the ball!

As with many of the spectacular Playmobil toys, the Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle is designed for children that are over 3 years of age. You wouldn’t want a toddler choking on tiny parts, would you?

The set is delightful to the eyes, and built to last for many, many years. We especially like the fact that all of the Playmobil toys can be cleaned with just dishsoap and water, and they will look brand new!

Think about how much fun your little girl will have, with this princess castle set!

We know that many people think it the company SHOULD be spelled “Playmobile”, so we put Playmobile on some of the file names of the photos, to please them!

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