Playmobil's Covered Wagon with Raiders

Playmobil’s Covered Wagon with Raiders

Who doesn’t thrill to the tales of the Wild West? Even though I am a female, I loved to play cowboys and Indians when I was young. Fifty-plus years ago, the creative toys that are made today, were non-existant. I would have loved to owned the Playmobil’s Covered Wagon with Raiders toy, but no one thought of it back in the 1950’s. Most of the time, we had to be the cowboys and indians ourselves.

Playmobil really has some great toy sets for youngsters, and one great thing about them, is that you can clean them when they get dirty from use, and they will look brand new.

This Playmobil’s Covered Wagon with Raiders comes with:

  • A covered wagon with two compartments that are hidden
  • Four Playmobil figures
  • Three different horses
  • A cactus – everyone needs a cactus!
  • A bag that looks like it was to hold their gold
  • A water bucket for the horses
  • Weapons to defend against attach
  • Some cargo and a few other pieces.

The figures enclosed can ride on the horses, as you see in the photo, or be bent to sit or stand.

What a great idea for the youngsters who love to relive the Wild West, and like playing with things that were part of our American History!

NOTE: There are some small parts that are not suitable for children under 3, so bear that in mind!

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