R2D2 Watch

R2D2 Watch

“You do have your moments. Not many, but you do have them.”

The R2D2 watch will capture the heart of science fiction geeks everywhere. It’s rich in color and it’ll remind you of the adorable Star Wars robot whenever you check the time. Unlike other Star Wars watches on the market, this one isn’t made of cheap plastic with the expectation that kids will buy it and break it. This designer watch is constructed with a high quality leather strap, glass and stainless steel.

Yet it’s really the small nuances that separate this R2D2 watch from the pack. When you take a look at it up close, you’ll know that true Star Wars fans designed it. It’s color scheme matches R2D2’s. There’s a solid white face with a white leather strap and blue accents. There’s also silver decorations that adorn an R2 Astromech. The watch’s hands are are capped with vibrant yellow and orange dots. It also comes with an upscale silver and black padded box and a collector’s certificate with a serial number.

The R2D2 watch is perfect for both serious Star Wars fans and fun loving kids. It truly has universal appeal. Don’t hesitate to pick it up today.

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