Salami Notes

Salami Notes

Post-It notes are a great tool for writing little notes to remind yourself of things that you might forget. But aren’t you tired of the boring square yellow pieces of paper? I know they now come in other colors and sizes other than the classic yellow and squares but even those are getting boring. After all, who says that Post-Its have to yellow or square? Why can’t they be round and designed to look like a slice of salami?

Well, they can and that is exactly what Salami Notes look like. Salami Notes is even creatively packaged like a roll of salami complete with deli netting and wrapping. And if you love your salami real thin, they don’t get any thinner than Salami Notes. Now, even your boring yellow Post-Its look more interesting as they look like cheese slices to go with your salami and turn your desk into a gastronomical smorgasbord.

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