Smart Piggy Bank

The Smart Piggy Bank

If you or your child are looking for a fun and high tech way to save, you are in luck. The Smart Piggy Bank, also called Porkfolio recently hit the scene and it absolutely meets the hype. This nifty little gadget really is the most intelligent way to save your spare change.

Plenty of time and effort was poured into Porkfolio’s design and it shows. Porkfolio works in tandem with an app on wireless mobile devices so that owners can stay up to date on their savings balance. The use of the app also facilitates the establishment of savings benchmarks as well.

Yet Porkfolio isn’t all about crunching numbers. It has a fun side as well. Porkfolio lights up each time that its owner deposits a coin. This serves as a very effective positive reinforcement for those who are trying to save their change for something specific. It is ideal for kids who truly value their spare change. Although Porkfolio looks a bit diminutive at first glance, it can hold up to $100 worth of quarters.

Porkfolio is delightfully fun for both kids and adults.  Pick it up today and it’ll keep you right on track for your next purchase.

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