Star Wars Jedi Force Glove

Star Wars Jedi Force Glove

Thinking of dressing up as a Jedi Knight (or a Sith Lord) for Halloween? While looking like Jedi Knight (or a bad-ass Sith Lord) is pretty cool but why not take your costume a few notches higher by actually giving yourself Force-like powers?

With the Star Wars Jedi Force Glove, you can give yourself not one, but two Force powers – Force push and Force pull. No midiclorians required as the glove has a reversible magnetic disc that lets you attract and push away objects. It also comes with a magnet base that you can attach to blasters and lightsabers (well, cardboard cut-outs of them actually) for you to demonstrate your Force powers.

If anyone dares to laugh at your display of Force powers, you can always Force choke them.

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