Transformer Age Extinction Grimlock

Transformer Age Extinction Grimlock Stomp and Chomp

Transformer Age Extinction Grimlock Stomp and Chomp has found its place on the kid’s toys bestseller list for this year.

Grimlock Stomp and Chomp is a twenty inch robotic toy that transforms from a BIG robot into a dinosaur. The Grimlock’s purpose is basically to battle the evil Decepticons. As being a dinosaur, it has eyes that light up and has jaws that chomp and clamp down on anything that happens to get in its way.

The Transformer Age of Extinction Grimlock Stomp and Chomp is ready with its pop-out weapons and sword for any and all raging battles. Your child can decide whether he wants Grimlock in the robotic mode or dinosaur mode.

What Comes In the Transformer Age Extinction Grimlock Stomp and Chomp Box?

  • Grimlock
  • 2 double A batteries
  • Optimus Prime (with light-up eyes)
  • instruction book (for easy assembling)

If you would like to learn more about Transformer Age Extinction Grimlock Stomp and Chomp toy watch the video below.

Transformers are ideal for kids who are crazy over the Transformer movies and toys as well as for those Big kids/ adults who enjoy collecting this specific brand of toys. This particular Transformers toy is one that all collectors will want to have.

It’s certain to be on the top of many, many Christmas wish lists this season, so it might be smart move to grab one of the Transformer Age Extinction Grimlock Stomp and Chomps toys well before they sell out.

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