USB Flash Drive Mix Tape

USB Flash Drive Mix Tape

Watching Guardians of the Galaxy brought back fond memories of the mix tape. In this age of streaming online music from the likes of Spotify, the mix tape is as good as dead and buried, or is it? We may no longer have mix tapes on actual tapes as after all, who still has a tape player (other than Peter “Star-Lord” Quill, of course)? The USB Flash Drive Mix Tape is the next best thing.

It is just an ordinary 1GB USB flash drive but what makes it special is the packaging. Firstly, it fits into a shell that looks just like a cassette tape. It even comes with labeled surface for you to write on. Secondly, the kit comes with an authentic looking clear tape cover complete with blank sleeve for you to fill out the song titles. While 1GB of storage is minuscule by today’s standard, you’ll probably have to write in really, really, tiny letters if you expect to fill up the entire 1GB with songs and get them all listed on the sleeve.

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