Vinyl Peacock Wall Decals

In our culture, we put a lot of pressure on females to look gorgeous and glamorous. But in the peafowl world, it’s the males that capture our imaginations with the glitz and glam. With their vivid colored feathers, peacocks are one of the most beautiful birds on earth.

It’s only natural that one would want to bring a bit of that beauty inside our homes. Pillows and other accessories are a good way to accomplish that. But what if you want to make peacocks a focal point in your decor? Well, one easy way to make a room come to life is with a peacock wall sticker.

Choose your size, 44″x50″ or 44″x60″, and choose your colors, violet, brown, black, or teal. These wall stickers are durable and waterproof. They’ll reportedly last up to five years outdoors, and almost indefinitely indoors. The only downside is it can only be used one time. So once it’s used, it can’t be reused again.

Their use is as limitless as your imagination, but some suggestions would be: a unique headboard for a bed, an awesome design over a couch in a living room, or try using it on a weird shaped wall that traditional artwork just doesn’t work well on.

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