White Vanity Set with Mirror

Having a makeup vanity set in your bedroom is a great idea; it adds beauty and functionality  to your space. Too, the mirror helps ‘open’ your bedroom up, adding the illusion of light and space.

How nice is that?

I chose this white vanity table set for it simplicity, making it a good candidate for matching your existing bedroom furniture; plus, the drawer is fabulous for keeping all those small makeup brushes and other accoutrements you need for getting ready without much fuss and stress over finding things.

This vanity set has a nice-sized white mirror to match that swivels, so you  can keep a check on those odd areas (like one’s nostrils) and have the benefit of different shadow-play and how it affects your finished face. I like the vanity’s padded bench/stool, as it’s much more comfy than a solid surface, where you’re sliding about in your silk pajamas–not!  

The vanity table top is uninterrupted and you’ll have plenty of surface area atop the table to set your makeup, hair brushes and perfumes in display fashion. Use some colored decor pieces for a pop of contrasting interest.

So simple, yet plentiful in features, for under $100 for the complete vanity set and my fave–delivered to your door. You can opt for free shipping if you see it’s available. I use this offer when buying online and from what I saw, this one is a candidate.  I’m not a fan of hauling furniture up steps and down narrow hallways, so ordering a vanity table set like this one (where there’s a mirror and bench seat) is a lot easier all the way around.

While I’ve only shown the white vanity, this set is available in black, too. The same features, same straight  lines as the white model, you’ll have a good match if most of your bedroom pieces are black.

To see the great reviews on the white vanity table set with its bench/stool and fabulous mirror, just click the link.

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