The “Whyrll Not” List

Okay we will be honest: As much as we would like to welcome any type of topic with open arms, like the Pope, we cannot because of conflicts with hosting rules and to prevent future problems with our (you included) readership.

Whyrll Not?

Scratching HeadThis “Whyrll Not?” list is a list of products that are not allowed to be published on this site. Posts submitted for approval will be deleted promptly should they fall under this category. Please note that we reserve the right to modify or add to this list.

  • Anything Porn. Porn DVD’s, magazines, downloads and anything connected to that industry. Yes, even that autographed photo of a porn star, even if she is clothed in there.
  • Nude arts. There is a really fine line between art and erotica (see next item) and we would rather not dabble with that line.
  • Sex toys, how-to books, erotica novels included.
  • Weight loss pills, testosterone supplements and other pharmaceuticals. I know you want me to look slimmer and buffer but these topics have caused problems with similar sites before. And no thanks to that penis enlargement cream.
  • Shady books that promote illegal and immoral activities like bulimia, miscarriage and incest and more.
  • MLM and PTC recruitment, products and guides. Although this industry helped many people succeed, it had given the entire sales industry a bad rap. Sorry.
  • E-books that claim to cure something… like asthma or impotence. Or those that  claim to fix something in your life… like your love life or your broken (more like dead) relationship with your ex.
  • Illegal drugs.
  • E-cigs, medical MJ and similar.
  • Many more. A crude rule of thumb is, would you be OK to let your ten-year old daughter see the stuff? If the answer “no”, then it is most likely a Whyrll Not.
  • Update: We will also add titles that target best and top lists, such as “This is the Top Toy for Christmas 2014” or “This is the Geekiest Gift Idea Ever”. This tactic will contradict our target project this 2014, which is top lists based on existing Whirls.

Watch-Out List

This list includes products that can be accepted, but the administrators will look REALLY closely, due to the nature of these stuff. Please take note that we deserve the right to reject it is we think it is inappropriate.

  • Digital downloads. We would warmly welcome Android app, Apple apps and movie download from Hulu, but will be extra strict on anything else. Anything that is illegal or violates IPs is strictly forbidden.
  • Again, E-books. While we will generally take E-books like guides and novels, guides that claim to have miracle cures and similar are not allowed.
  • Sexy underwear, lingerie and swimsuits.

It’s Not You, It’s Us

Break UpWe do reserve the editorial right to refuse articles not in the lists above. If your post does not get published within three working days, or magically goes back to being unpublished then chances are we found your article to be inappropriate. Please check your Whyrll dashboard for a PM from us. We are open for deliberation.

Remember, it is not you, it is us. We want to make this site as family-friendly, work-friendly and functional as possible. We won’t call these topics spam because 1) We love that tasty salty meat and 2) Only spammers spam and you are not one of them. If your entry gets rejected in one way or another, we apologize.

The Yes List

All others are green light. Please note (again) that we reserve the right to throw a red card on any topic we find problematic in the future.

There are many, many,  manymanymany cool, offbeat products that will easily go viral given the right promotion. Here is a list that can get you jump started:

  • Fandom Stuff – That Deluminator replica would make Harry Potter fans go crazy. That image of Gandalf’s Staff would be pinned to hundreds of LOTR Pinterest Boards.
  • Weird Products That Solve Common Problems. I just got myself an Egg Yolk Extractor. Hello perfect leche flan!
  • The Innovative. Your entry might just get featured in many I <3 Science Facebook Fanpages.
  • Something That Tickles the Child Inside. Yep, a Lego Mug exists. Also Lego iPad Case, Lego Slippers (Ouch! That sounds painful).
  • The Beautiful. Scenic images are one of the most pinned items in Pinterest. Why not sell a mouse pad that has a photo of Machu Picchu on it?
  • Funny Products. I’d die of amusement if someone got me a three-foot gummy worm.
  • Extremely Useful. Who would not want a wallet that can function as a tablet stand?

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